Clearances completed within the last 3 years (2019) are accepted by Future Stars. 

FBI Fingerprint Screening - Through IdentoGO

FBI Fingerprint Screening results will be mailed to you upon completion.

  • the service code is 1KG738 
  • all employees will be given a 17-digit voucher code to pay for the “1KG738-PA DHS-Child Care Services/Program Employee or Contractor”  screening
  • click “Schedule or Manage Appointment” 
  • employer address is: Future Stars Camps, P.O. Box 150, Doylestown, PA 18901
  • complete the steps to schedule your appointment 
  • if you have any trouble scheduling your appointment please call Austin or Mark at 215-674-0494
  • please .pdf or send a picture of your mailed results to [email protected]

PA Criminal Background Check

Please follow the steps below to complete your PA Criminal Background Check:

  • click “submit a new record check” 
  • please email results as a .pdf to [email protected]
  • once you pay for the service, results are instant
  • click your control number then click “Certification Form”  
  • this is not paid for by Future Stars

PA Child Abuse Clearance

Please follow the steps below to complete your PA Child Abuse Clearance:

  • after creating an account, you will be emailed a password for your “KEYSTONE ID” you just created
  • go back to the original link and click “INDIVIDUAL LOGIN” then sign in 
  • you will then follow the steps to login and create your own password
  • once logged in with your own password, “CREATE CLEARANCE APPLICATION” and complete the application 
  • results will be emailed within 14 days, please email these as a .pdf to [email protected] 
  • this is not paid for by Future Stars

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