About Us

Future Stars has Set the Standard for Summer Camp Serving Families Since 1971.

Founded by Naismith Hall of Fame Coach, Cathy Rush, Future Stars core values stem from Cathy’s experience as a coach, educator, mentor, and single mother of two. These values are carried on today by Michael Rush and the dedicated Future Stars Team.

Future Stars Camps offers a safe, professional, friendly environment, with engaged counselors, and cutting-edge facilities. We take pride in knowing our campers are learning together in the safest possible care.

Future Stars Camps welcomes the individual talents and interests of each camper and always looks forward to providing an environment that nurtures growth through individual initiative, group challenges, sportsmanship, and fun!

Future Stars Day Camps operate on some of the finest campuses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Each campus offers air-conditioned facilities, playing fields, classrooms, and state of the art technology. Future Stars is proud to partner with these elite institutions to provide a vital community service.

“My kids have loved Future Stars for over seven years! They have a fun, but relaxed schedule, great weekly themes, and lots of interesting guests. Most importantly they hire kind, friendly and well-balanced counselors, and train them well – the counselors make every minute of the day fun for the kids. My son loved it at 5 and still likes it at 12 – not many places I can say that about.”

Our Mission, Our Philosophy, and Our Purpose

Our Mission:

Future Stars’ mission is to provide a quality service that reaches beyond our campers and parents’ highest expectations. We want campers to experience the best of the best!

Our Camp Philosophy:

The Future Stars philosophy is rooted in the belief that we are responsible for the health, safety and personal growth of all our campers. We believe that the positive example of our entire staff will directly reflect on the attitude of all our campers. We believe that each day should provide a learning experience in promoting self-esteem, meeting new friends and mastering new tasks for both campers and staff in an environment of fun. All of us, staff and campers, work together to help each other reach our potential. It is our duty to make sure each camper comes to understand the meaning of friendship, teamwork, and accomplishment. This philosophy is captured in a relaxed atmosphere where learning is emphasized and fun is demanded.

Why Future Stars:

Knowing the Future Stars story gives the full picture of how and why Future Stars serves families as well as we do. Our core values come from Cathy Rush, who started running summer camp to offer young people opportunities they never had before. As a single mother, Cathy needed to find a way to provide for her children and have the ability to parent her two sons. This leading value aids in our better understanding of how to serve working parents. Today’s families face constant challenges. Future Stars Day Camp takes pride in serving the individual camper and family. Future Stars offers the greatest value, flexibility, and positive environment of any comparable program. We invite you to find out more about Future Stars.

“I just want to say a big THANK YOU to the Future Stars staff for a wonderful summer! This was my son’s first year of camp and he couldn’t have had more fun. He had the best time, met lots of great friends and spoke so highly of his counselors. Thank you again for a great experience and look forward to coming back next summer!!”